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Humane Society of Charlotte Charity Drive



WHERE:1819 East Blvd Charlotte,NC

WHEN:  June 1st – July 31st

Please bring all donations or pet supplies that can help make the
Dogs and Cats at the Humane Society of Charlotte feel the comfort of home.

Drop off times are Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
For special drop off or pick up times call



Wish List
There are many areas of the Humane Society of Charlotte that are in much need
of support and funding which will further enable them to fulfill their mission.

Please see the list of items below:


  • Friskies or 9 Lives pate cat food
  • Bottles for feeding new born kittens and puppies
  • Canned dog food (Purina One preferred)
  • Gerber 2nd step baby food (turkey and turkey gravy or chicken and chicken gravy)
  • Beech Nut 1st step baby food (Chicken & Chicken broth and Turkey & Turkey broth)
  • KMR formula (sold at most pet stores to feed newborn kittens)
  • Esbilac formula (sold at most pet stores to feed newborn puppies)

Gift Cards/Certificates:

  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • Costco
  • Staples
  • Office Max

Cleaning Supplies:

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Broom length scrub brushes w/o swivel heads
  • 13 and 55 gallon trash bags
  • Clorox bleach (regular formula)
  • Febreze spray
  • Swifter sheets (dry & wet)
  • Paper towels
  • Dish soap
  • Kitchen sponges

Animal Enrichment Supplies:
Our animal behavior manager requires equipment to train, interact & socialize the animals during their stay with us offering them a more enriching experience.

These items include:

  • Puppy training pads
  • Feline towers –
  • Feline cage scratchers –
  • Soft, moist dog treats for training
  • Large rawhide bones or rolls for dogs
  • Large or extra large dog crates
  • Kong stuffing (any flavor, made by the Kong company)
  • Puppy play or exercise pens
  • Large jolly balls for dogs
  • Kong wubbas
  • Good cuz/bad cuz toys
  • Tuff by nature ruffians
  • Rope toys
  • Nylabones-small, medium and large
  • Nylon Frisbees
  • Holl-ee rollers
  • Jolly balls
  • Jolly ball romp and rolls
  • Chuckits
  • Freeze dried liver training treats
  • Bill-jac training treats
  • Charlie bear training treats
  • Bully sticks
  • 4FT and 6FT leashes for walking and training
  • Dog collars/nylon premier type
  • Brushes/slicker and pin type

Shelter Supplies:

  • Plastic cups, forks, or plates
  • Gatorade
  • HP 15, 17, and 12A print cartridges
  • Misc. office equipment (staplers, pens, post-it notes, copy paper, etc.)
  • Golf umbrellas

Animal Care Supplies:

  • Blankets, fleece throws (no comforters or quilts)
  • Dog bed
  • Disposable Poop Bags (no dispensers needed – just rolls of bags)
  • Culturelle (sold at any drug store)
  • Washable fleece beds for the cats to lounge
  • Pet wipes
  • Kitty nappers and huts
  • Heating pads to warm little bottle feeders
  • Bath towels, bath mats with rubber backs, flat sheets and baby receiving blankets
  • Chicken broth or bullion
  • Metal cat & dog bowls

Medical Services & Equipment:
We provide medical treatment to animals in our care and would like to provide even more services in-house but need program underwriting and new equipment to do so.

  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Canine Stretchers
  • Cage Dryer
  • IV infusion pump
  • IV fluid warmer
  • VSSI Way Platform Scale
  • Adjustable Exam Table
  • Refrigerator (w/ no freeze section)
  • Blood equipment (centrifuge, microscope)
  • Grooming table, equipment and cage dryer

Shelter Operations & Infrastructure:
The shelter needs equipment to allow it to operate more smoothly and save the staff time which allows for more time to be spent interacting with the animals and servicing our clients.

  • Bulk Waste Disposal Dolly
  • Linoleum Flooring Repair
  • Large Ceiling Mounted Heaters for Kennels
  • Storage barn (12×32)
  • Video camera
  • iPads (new or gently used)

An There’s Always That Convenient Monetary Donation. Did You Know?

  • $25 will feed four hungry kittens for one week
  • $50 will supply a warm, comfy bed for dogs in their kennels
  • $75 can provide one spay/neuter surgery to prevent more homeless animals
  • $100 will make sure four puppies stay healthy by receiving their necessary vaccinations
  • $250 will have 30 cats tested to keep feline leukemia and AIDS from making lots of other cats sick
  • $500 can educate and inspire a whole classroom of children to respect and protect animals
  • $1,500 can provide nutritious food for the Humane Society animals for approximately 2 months




Humane Society of Charlotte’s Mission

The mission of the Humane Society of Charlotte is to bring love and hope to all animals by ensuring the humane treatment of companion animals through adoption, spay/neuter and education.

Our vision is all animals in safe and loving homes. This vision will be accomplished by providing care and compassion for all animals, physically and emotionally; education and information on the humane and responsible treatment of all animals; respect for animals and people; integrity in word and deed; collaboration with the community; and being fiscally responsible and accountable to the community.

The Humane Society of Charlotte is working with you to create a world where there are no more homeless and unwanted animals. We are proud to be an “adoption guarantee” shelter. This means saving all cats and dogs that are rehabilitatable and manageable. Euthanasia is reserved only for those cases where an animal is suffering or poses a public safety concern.

We are committed to treating all animals that enter our shelter with love, kindness, and dignity.